Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 Versus Twelve Years (And 400 years) A Slave.

Martin Luther King said it best in 1967 delivering a speech: “Where do we go from here? First, we must massively assert our dignity and worth. We must stand up amid a system that still oppresses us and develop an unassailable and majestic sense of values. We must no longer be ashamed of being black. (All right) The job of arousing manhood within a people that have been taught for so many centuries that they are nobody is not easy.

Even semantics have conspired to make that which is black seem ugly and degrading. (Yes) In Roget’sThesaurus there are some 120 synonyms for blackness and at least sixty of them are offensive, such words as blot, soot, grim, devil, and foul. And there are some 134 synonyms for whiteness and all are favorable, expressed in such words as purity, cleanliness, chastity, and innocence. A white lie is better than a black lie. (Yes) The most degenerate member of a family is the “black sheep.” (Yes) Ossie Davis has suggested that maybe the English language should be reconstructed so that teachers will not be forced to teach the Negro child sixty ways to despise himself, and thereby perpetuate his false sense of inferiority, and the white child 134 ways to adore himself, and thereby perpetuate his false sense of superiority. [applause] The tendency to ignore the Negro’s contribution to American life and strip him of his personhood is as old as the earliest history books and as contemporary as the morning’s newspaper.”

I’ve over the last week read comments from a variety of outlets(Black media) encouraging blacks to go out and see and support “Twelve Years A slave“,  another movie about slavery so soon after Jamie Foxx’s movie Django Unchained.  It seems that black America has a fascination with reliving slavery, over and over, and reliving movie and images that remind us of our inferiority in this country. Contrasted with Tulsa Oklahoma during the early 1900’s it seems stories that tell a truth about black America post slavery is something blacks fear and do not support and in the original documentary the son of one the men who lost his hotel said that his father lost his will, which reminds me when I hear other blacks say blacks fear success this is what they mean.

There are over 7,300 banks in America(2013) and only 21 of them are black owned(an African-American holds 51% or higher stake), and with further investigation  http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2011/02/african-american-owned-businesses-on-the-rise/   87% of black owned businesses only net $50,000 annually in receipts.

The more troubling thing is the lack of knowledge about Tulsa from blacks and whites alike.  I remember telling my young sibling about it, when she was looking for something to write for a school paper, so she presented it(along with a video I viewed) to her young and non black high school teacher who she said was so shocked to learn about that, as was her class mates.  She conceded that she thought that the material was too mature for her class mates, but I told her it wasn’t and its something hopefully they will go home and share with their parents.

http://beforetheydie.org/ Check out “Before they die” a documentary made from the voices of the then survivors as they tried to get justice through congress as many of them died trying in recent years.  Perhaps Malcolm D. Lee would make a movie about this or even Tyler Perry, I Suspect if Spike Lee attempted something of this sort blacks wouldn’t support in large numbers because any movie detailing historical greatness is shunned, mocked and plain so out of reach in the thoughts of descendants of slaves.


Blacks Will Financially Support Churches Before They Secure The Future Of Their Boys.

The education of black males.

Black folks will in drove make sure their offspring in a pew and if they don’t want to sit in a pew, they will leave them home saying their god is more important than their blood.

You see adults all across social media bragging about the last cruise they took, the latest foreign country they visited, when they have NEVER expose their children to another culture or land, and taking them down south to see grand ma isn’t the same as taking them to another country to experience another culture.

As your friends praise your travel and partying and how well life seems to be for you, your sons watch in silence because they didn’t mean nothing to the crowd. Yet when another man, or woman influences them to greatness you want to post pictures and take credit for another mans influences and actions..

Which more than likely was a more secular human being that knows cultured boys are what Black America needs.

Education isn’t important to poor blacks, as it was before desegregation.


What Has god Done For The Black Community?

A documentary trailer by Jeremiah Camara, called “Contradiction”, asking the question where would black folks be without the black church?

I would say that black folks would be further along if not for the modern black church which does nothing except for pilfering black wealth and a place for the black elite to pedestal themselves in front of the rest of the black community.

I challenge anyone reading to have this discussion your family and friends, and of course see the documentary when it comes to an area near you.



To The Black Community: Stop Giving Churches Your Money And invest In Your Sons

Once again, Chicago makes the news with the latest round of violence. Mostly what I have seen on social media from the black community is “praying to god”, or “jesus please come back”. Unfortunately jesus wasn’t to be found when Africans were being sold to slave owners during the slave trade and jesus never showed up while blacks were being beaten and killed throughout all of American History, yet black men create churches to steal black wealth from black women who by themselves are often the sole caregiver(when they care) for the young black males we see today out of anger killing off each other and other blacks.

When the black community says that god is more important than their sons and that heaven is a better investment, then it should be of no surprise they have no respect or reverence for community and family.